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Table Settings for rent

Bella Casa Tablescapes

The core thesis of Bella Casa Tablescapes is beautiful living, a celebration of the home. 


Bella Casa

‘Beautiful Home’

Table settings for rent

About Us

It all started because of my love for party planning, pretty table decorations and entertaining in style, which l have enjoyed over the passed 30 years.


During covid not being able to entertain made me think how much we all miss entertaining, putting together an event with family and friends and setting a beautiful table. With all that thinking time during lockdowns, l decided to combine my passion for entertaining, marketing and graphic design background,

I have created Melbourne’s first rental table setting business.


As a 60’s kid l thought let's bring back the "Dinner Party" with ease and convenience.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a unique and affordable range of home accents for table settings ​to inspire people to create beauty in their own home.


Bella Casa means "Beautiful Home"

Entertaining in your home should be effortless, chic, and convenient, whether you are planning a dinner party, client event, bridal shower, holidays with your family, or just a night in with the girl. Bella Casa will offer a range of products to cover all dining needs.

We offer a selection of products to rent from one of the many set packages containing all components to create the perfect table setting desired.

Setting the table is a universal activity. All across the world people gather around tables to share a meal where ever they are and what they are eating is neither here nor there. Whether you're in the city or the country doesn’t matter, all share a common activity.  The gathering around a table in order to share a meal.

Most times setting the table occurs simply out of necessity. After all, you and your family require dishes and cutlery in order to share your food. Sometimes, prior to a special occasion, holiday gathering or a simple get together with friends and family, you may wish to improve the appearance of your table setting. 

By moving beyond the everyday plates, glasses, cutlery and dressing up a table and adding decorations, making it special and festive for family and friends, this act of creativity is called tablescaping.


If food is drama, then the table is the stage. 


Tablescaping sets the mood and creates the atmosphere for the meal. With the addition of decorative touches, tablescaping manages to create the focal point of the table space, an area where long-lasting memories are created.


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